Artist: Jenevieve Aken
Location: Falomo, Lagos


African Artists’ Foundation, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion and

development of contemporary art in Africa and diaspora. Established in 2007 in Lagos, Nigeria,

AAF aims to encourage the highest standard of art in Africa through organising art exhibitions,

festivals, competitions, residencies, and workshops.

With AAF as my hotspot, I feel a strong connection to the space and its surrounding environment

as an interactive space. It is a space where a series of planned and spontaneous creative activities

take place and one that guarantees riveting and inspiring conversation. It is a space that has

nurtured and inspired a lot of my creative ideas and a wonderful location to meet creative minded

individuals and artists. I chose the image of the two person booth as my principal hotspot because

it is the space that offers me the perfect balance between solace and interaction.