Artist: Uche Okpa-Iroha
Location: Agege, Lagos

Agege is known for two unique things, the name Pen Cinema that used to be the hive for cinema lovers in the late 1970’s into the early 1980’s. The other being the culinary crave of most Lagosians – Agege Bread. Locally made bread (eaten with reverence and relish) indigenous to Agege because of the unique way it is made and the lure it has on people.

Agege is also known for its huge Hausa population. Resultant of the cordial relationship between the Yoruba’s of south western Nigeria and the Hausas from the north. This relationship dates back to the early 1900’s (precisely from 1906). Today, a walk through the nerve centre of Agege reveals an age long, harmonious co-mingling and a relationship that has been built based on commerce, politics and religion.

As it is well known, every city is a conurbation of people, their ability/power (to reinvent their space) and the capital to sustain the ensuing economy; Agege has its own fair share of verve!

The old cinema house (Pen Cinema), which was part of the local economy, serving the social need of the people, providing employment to the inhabitants and also a profitable business has transmuted into an eatery (Tantalizers). In the absence of a social nerve centre, which Pen Cinema provided in the 70’s and 80’s, new areas of social engagement have, sprang up. The Agege stadium built by the previous administration is one spot that has constantly engaged the youths and other residents in sports, musical entertainment and cultural activities. This has created the avenue to prolong the tradition and culture, which arose due to the multi – ethnic intergroup relationship as the population has swelled with the inclusion of other tribes, development in real estate and trade.