Location: Maryland, Lagos

The hotspot I have selected is Octunes Store, a vinyl record store located at No. 2 Ajose Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos. I have always been fascinated by vinyl records and enjoyed the sensory experience elicited by both the aesthetics of album sleeve designs and the content that serves as a testament to times past. Octunes was established out of the personal collection of Mr. Obidiegbu, an avid collector in his days of at least a thousand Nigerian, African and world music records. The store is now run by his son, Moses. To adapt to the times and technology changes, and in order to preserve his father’s heritage, the LPs themselves are no longer for sale; rather, customers may purchase albums that are copied onto CDs from the original vinyl. Every time that I visit Octunes and listen to rare and familiar albums of artists such as Majek Fashek, William Onyeabor, Eddy Okonta, and the Oriental Brothers, I am transported to other times and places – in my personal story (having lived most of my life in this particular neighbourhood), as well as those spanning certain eras in Nigerian and world history. I hope, through the Iconic Hotspots project, to invite others into this space for engagement and reflection on time, history through this particular musical experience.