Artist: Emeka Udemba
Location: Ojuelegba, Lagos

Ojuelegba Roundabout has always been recognized as one of the locations in metropolitan Lagos characterized by the hustle and bustle of life in the city. Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the legendary Nigerian Afro beat musician attempted to capture this situation in Ojuelgba roundabout in one of his songs as a metaphor for the Nigerian condition: A nation in seemingly perpetual pandemonium. As one of the central transit points for commuters to connecting to other parts of the city, traffic from morning till late evening is always congested in Ojuelegba roundabout. There is a cacophony of noises: The divers and conductors of ubiquitous yellow painted commuter minibuses shout out their various destinations to potential passengers; the indiscriminate horning by impatient motorists; the call for prayer from nearby mosques; the blaring sound of music from various nearby shops; the occasional passionate arguments and discussions that breakout among `standing-­â€newspaper` readers on news on the front pages who crowd newspaper vendor stands under the bridge; preachers shouting out the imminent second coming of Christ, a reason for you to repent before it is too late! Sometimes there are also altercations among the so-­â€called Area-­â€boys or with law enforcement authorities, which often end in fistfights. With `Ojuelegba Roundabout` as my Lagos hotspot, I want to interrogate the idea of the construction of integrated environments. As an interactive experience this would be done through a series of activities like walkabouts with visitors, one-­â€ on-­â€meetings, conversations, and public readings with people who work, live or commute through the Ojuelagba roundabout.