Artist: Tatewaki Nio
Location: Lagos Island, Lagos

Shitta Bey Mosque

Address: Martin Street, Lagos Island

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Shitta Bay Mosque is one of the most important Brazilian-style architecture in Lagos, which was built in 1891 and generally remains in its original form. The construction of the mosque was financed by Lagos Muslim community’ leader Oloye Mohammed Shitta (1830-1895). The architecture was designed by Senor João Baptista da Costa, Brazilian returnee who brought architectural influence from Brazil.

Water House

Address: 12 Kakawa Street, Lagos Island

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Water House is owned by Da Rocha family, Brazilian prosperous returnee’s descendant.

The house had a first water fountain in Lagos Island and the water was sold to consumers in the island. The Brazillian influence in its architecture is seen in the arches around the building. The house was commemorated in a novel, The Water House (A Casa Da Água) written by Brazilian writer Antônio Olinto.