Artist: Uche James-Iroha
Location: Maryland, Lagos

The Photogarage Lagos

I never thought about it as a space

we did not set out to set up a spot whether hot or cold We are just here negotiating our destinies it was clear to us in the beginning of our thoughts that orthodox practices in contemporary art are not sustainable and therefore could not be trusted

Living in a material world

we become suddenly aware of the limitations of two dimensional art inspired by the immediacy of digital photography enjoying the deceit that the use of the camera brings

the interest for us lies in the subtle distraction we experience.

Camera users are often eager to capture than just look the current proliferation points us to expensive hardware away from critical issues that mould us the destination has completely overshadowed the journey itself

"True freedom is the ability to question everything" Ai Wei Wei 2009

we are not very interested in art

we are just asking a lot of questions here we learnt a lot at the conference coffee break arguing and eating biscuits more that we did listening brilliant oratory of the professor speaker